Creating ripples of hope

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Vision story

Ripples..! Making an impact, making a difference, giving hope, setting something in motion… imagine casting a stone in the water. Expanding ripples with an ever increasing impact. That is our shared passion: to contribute to solving problems in this world. Near or far away and on different domains: climate, poverty, disease, religious persecution, etc.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. Mother Teresa

MissionInvest aims to create ripples of hope. Provide a perspective for the vulnerable in this world. MissionInvest wants to join forces with Christian entrepreneurs and foundations in the conviction that God has given talents to each man in order to use those talents and achieve something positive. With your investments in knowledge, time and money MissionInvest invites you to contribute in a sustainable way to Christian projects with a clear idealistic or missionary purpose.

" that we might have hope" - Romans 15:4

Projects open
for funding

You have a mission, you have financial resources… but now you’re looking for the right project! A project that fits your mission. That is crucial to you! MissionInvest knows what that means. And that is why, I prioritize your personal needs and wishes. My goal is not to sell projects, but to mediate in the projects that suit you.

Core elements of MissionInvest projects are:

MissionInvest offers a wide range of different types of projects. Including philanthropy and impact investment. MissionInvest does not carry out the projects itself; it functions as an intermediary lean and mean directly with reliable organizations worldwide. This direct approach results in an average saving of 10-15% on your project budget.


Look here to get an impression of projects that are currently in full progress. With the help of MissionInvest these projects have already been 100% financed. Curious to find out why others opted for collaboration with MissionInvest?

MissionInvest plays the important role here of connecting the right people! It's not just financing; it is a passion and drive to make a difference. This is what connects us all together, investors and entrepreneurs. - Jaap Jan Verboom, Director of Truvalu

My services


Do you have to make strategic choices? Do you want to develop a meaningful project? I would be happy to advise you!

For entrepreneurs, foundations and fundraising organizations:

  • Policy and strategy
  • Project development
  • Business Development USA Fundraising
  • Personal coaching fundraisers

My expertise will enable you as entrepreneur or fundraising organization to achieve greater impact with your mission. My role: confidential adviser, sparring partner, connector, intermediary. We define a clear fundraising strategy based on your mission and achieve better results through coaching. If relevant, we can also work on establishing your network in the USA.


Do you want to achieve more with your mission? Are you looking for funds for your project? I will gladly help you!

For fundraising organizations and private initiatives:

  • Access to broad (international) network
  • Donormatching
  • Targeted fundraising on projectbasis

I not only advise, but I also want to transform that advice in visible results! We define a feasible goal, and work in union towards it. So I am also working for your organization as an independent fundraiser to get the necessary funds. My most important added value is the broad network of reliable relations especially in the business market.

Impact investing

You want to develop a large-scale idealistic or missionary project? You are looking for investors? I would like to mediate for you!

For entrepreneurs:

  • Access to broad (international) network
  • Combination of grants and investments
  • Both loans (from € 100.000) and equity
  • Focus on social returns ('impact first')

From my role as a connector I bring together large parties to jointly invest in meaningful projects. The crux lies in connecting reliable parties. From a shared mission we want to achieve substantial impact. The projects are located in the Netherlands and in various developing countries.

My passion

Hi, I am Wim Hasselman. What I find the most valuable conversations? Sharing thoughts about what matters most to you. You get a glimpse of one another’s heart. Only then it is about values that you share as Christians. The passion that you feel deep inside. Your beliefs, your vision and how you want to carry out that vision. Your personal mission! It gives you a focus and makes clear the viewpoint you have. Where you ultimately spend your energy, time and money. Sharing really becomes multiplying!

Business… a connection with entrepreneurs and business relations is certain; I speak their language, know their drive, love their optimism and their motivation to exceed the limits. I know the business world well; I have worked there with pleasure for 15 years. Then I deliberately switched to the NGO world; 18 wonderful years! In December 2018 I founded MissionInvest and became an entrepreneur myself. I know both worlds from the inside. And I also know that both worlds have a lot to offer each other! From that conviction it has always been my mission to connect entrepreneurs and foundations with the NGO world. I was really excited to discover the ideals of the entrepreneur and to adapt to his mission and vision and build bridges between the business and NGO world. Especially, in doing things together we realized the most beautiful projects.

Would you like to discuss your personal mission, your challenge or developing your own project? Do you want a sparring partner to discuss the choice between philanthropy and/or impact investment, about cooperation with charity organizations or are you looking for funds for your project? With MissionInvest I’ll be happy to be your sparring partner. Let’s create ripples of hope together!

Hope to meet you soon!