Project story


The gospel in Ecuador – equipping pastors locally

Carlos Caiza from Ecuador

“The course about the divine calling and the tasks of a pastors was especially important to me. Not only did it open my eyes to what it means to serve God, but it also convinced me again that this is the most important thing I can do on earth. For me specifically, this means without doubt, spreading the Gospel. During the course I learned that this is only possible if I remain fully dependent on Gods will.”

Mission and structure of the trainings

Carlos’ response shows what the impact of biblical teaching is on someone who is called to be a local pastor, but is yet poorly equipped. That is exactly what NET Foundation aims for with the new workmethod that is in use since 2018: local conferences are being held worldwide via NET Study Centres. NET Foundation develops these courses and also assists theological training worldwide in setting up flexible distance learning, all with the same mission: equipping local pastors worldwide!

The NET curriculum consists of the following courses/themes:

  • Called by God
  • Main topics of the Old and New Testament
  • Teaching and evangelizing
  • Living and serving as a christian (diaconate)
  • Providing pastoral care
  • Servant leadership
  • Mission and evangelizing
At the local conferences, pastors with little or no education receive the necessary support and training adapted to their personal needs, level of knowledge and cultural context.

NET Study Center Ecuador

NET Study Center started also in Ecuador. In the course of 2018, biblical training and practical skills regarding the calling and tasks of a pastor have been provided in three cities (Esmeraldas, BorBon en Guayaquil). Fabricio Medina is actively involved in these conferences as NET coach and trainer. He has been working for NET Foundation for years and is member of an Ecuadorian church. He knows the Ecuadorian culture from the inside out and is also very familiar with the NET courses.

Costs of the project

In 2019 – 2021 NET Foundation will organize each year nine conferences in spread over three cities. This translates to almost 20 conferences in a timespan of three years. Roughly fifty pastors from a certain region participate at each conference. In total this means circa 150 pastors spread over the three regions, who will follow the above mentioned courses. The expenses consist mainly of personnel and training costs, travel costs, compensation for the local NET coach and costs for course materials. Using the network of MissionInvest $91,500 has been raised to finance the project fully for three years.


Bible based education impacts lives, such as that of Javier: Javier, from the slums of Guayaquil, is at the youngest son at home with six older brothers and sisters. His mother frequently attends the local church with her children, but his father lives with three other women and at night he prefers to drink alcohol with his friends on the corner of the streets. Javier’s mother got involved with the El Amparo church in Guayaquil and helped to set up the Sunday schoolwork where her sons also participated and heard the Gospel. Javier continued to attend the church. Via a diaconate organization Esteban, did Javier learn a trade. Currently, Javier wants become a pastor and is actively equipping others in Guayaquil.

Pastors are better equipped to be a shepherd in their church and the local community thanks to the bible based education offered by NET Foundation. The churches of the pastors consist of smaller communities ranging from thirty to hundred people. The 150 trained pastors will thus have impact on 150 local churches with more than 9,000 members and visitors! Creating ripples of hope, that is also NET’s desire: “for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the LORD as the waters covers the sea.” (Isaiah 11 : 9)

Creating ripples of hope