Project story

Transforming lives in the slums of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Problem statement and context

The objective of this project is to empower the people in the sub cities of Addis Ababa; Nifas Silk Lafto, Lideta and Bole.

The sub cities are known for a high number of HIV/AIDS suffering families, marginalized people and unemployed youth who are receptive for addictions. Poor employment opportunities for local community members aggravate the living situation of especially the youth, women and elderly. Life is expensive and many people reside in so called low cost housing. Some will more or less live on the streets in plastic shacks. Many children are living in women or child headed families with low income, without access to basic needs and fail to attend school, resulting in increased dropouts.


Dorcas wants to improve the physical, economic and psychosocial wellbeing of 3500 community members, with a focus on unemployed youth and women with very low income, including people living with HIV.

A couple of strategies will be applied in the project. Through Self Help Groups we on; group saving & lending and income generating activities. Capacity will be built on social skills, entrepreneurial skills and access to working equipment. In the groups there is also attention for psychosocial support. In collaboration with public technical and vocational education centers we will improve vocational skills, for example; welding, cooking and serving.

After the training I started working in the local coffee house and I love it. Now I earn enough to support my family. I dream of my own coffeehouse someday and inspire other young people. I changed from a hopeless little girl to a woman with hope. LemLem - 23 yrs old

To reach maximum impact we work together with implementing local partners, such as various government departments and local ngo’s. With the broader community we will organize so called Community Conversations, a much practiced approach in Ethiopia, to create wider awareness and leadership involvement.


The proposition is based on a 3-5 year intervention. The total budget per year of $165,000 will be invested in; basic social and entrepreneurial skills training, program staff and admin costs, vocational training, start-up capital and/or equipment, several community mobilization activities and Self Help Groups. Per year the required funding is $165,000


After the project 3500 people in the slums of Addis Ababa have achieved the following results:

  • Increased technical and/or business skills to start their own businesses
  • Able to sustain their families by starting different income generating activities
  • Are part of a Self Help group or other communtiy organizations to undertake social and/or economic activities
  • Generate income by making good use of the established youth centers
  • People living with HIV will get free medication from the health centers and gain understanding of HIV/AIDS
  • Reduced misconception on HIV and AIDS. Creating a positive attitude towards people with HIV and their families
  • Increased knowledge on basic reproductive health, substance abuse, work ethics, and entrepreneurial skills

Together we can make a difference. Together we can transform lives in the slums. So people thrive and flourish, using their God given potential.

Creating ripples of hope