Project story

Reach the unreached!

Billions of people have never heard the Gospel. GlobalRize proclaims the Gospel on the internet. Millions of people are monthly being reached all over the world. They are invited to personally engage with Christians through chat services and online Bible courses.

The world

The world has 7.7 billion inhabitants. 3.2 billion of them belong to unreached peoples (=people groups with less than 5% Christians). They need the Gospel, but they have few or no Christians around to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. But the internet has destroyed old impossibilities. 4.7 billion people have access to the internet. 2.8 billion use Facebook, 2.3 billion YouTube, 2.0 billion Whatsapp and 1.3 billion Instagram. This offers unprecedented opportunities to reach people all over the world with the love of Christ.


GlobalRize was founded by pioneer missionary Marten Visser. After first founding a mission among asylum seekers in the Netherlands (mainly Muslim ministry), he became a church planter in unreached areas of Thailand (mainly Buddhist ministry) for 15 years. God showed him the tremendous potential for internet missions when a Bible page he started on Facebook reached up to 50 million people a month. After returning to the Netherlands, he started to build GlobalRize from 2015 onwards.

GlobalRize now has over 600 volunteer online missionaries ministering in 30 different languages to literally every country in the world.

Content and contact

From the beginning, GlobalRize realised that its unique contribution to world missions would not be to produce great content. Others, with far more resources, are better positioned. GlobalRize aims to excel in publishing content that leads to personal contact. The real ministry of GlobalRize takes place at the edges of the organisation: an army of volunteer online missionaries who spend time every day to interact online with non-Christians, or Christians who need discipling.

The main venue for personal contact that GlobalRize provides is its own e-learning platform Learnnn. Through social media and websites prospective students are invited to enroll in evangelistic Bible courses. Over 60,000 did so in 2020, and got a personal mentor assigned to them. Besides Bible courses GlobalRize also offers real-time contact. Through Facebook Messenger and other platforms people from all over the world are engaging in live conversations about spiritual questions.

From screen to churchAs GlobalRize was started by a church planter, GlobalRize does not believe that digital ministry can take the place of other forms of ministry. Therefore it evaluates all its ministry initiatives from the viewpoint of whether it helps people to commit not just to Christ, but also to a local church. That is the place they can continue their spiritual growth. As GlobalRize likes to say: we lead people from screen to church.

The future

GlobalRize believes there is scope for tremendous growth in years to come. Creativity and new online initiatives are needed to reach the billions without Christ in this world. Equally important is finding and training thousands and eventually tens of thousands of Christians who are willing to share their faith online in personal conversations.

In 2020 GlobalRize had 600 online missionaries, 60,000 Bible students, and a budget of $600,000. We are praying and working towards a 2025 goal of 6,000 online missionaries, 600,000 Bible students, and a budget of $3,000,000. To be able to function internationally, we envision offices in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe by that time.

We need online missionaries and financial support to reach these goals. Our shortterm goal is to raise $ 100,000 and 50 online missionaries in the USA with the help of MissionInvest. Please help make it happen!

"What caught my attention was knowing that Someone gave His life for my life, even though I didn’t deserve it." Pascoal, Mozambique.

Creating ripples of hope