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Proclaiming the gospel in India


About 17% of the world-population – 1,34 billion people – live in India ! The main religion in India is Hindu. They believe in more then 33 million Hindu gods and goddess and adhere to the infamous caste-system. The lower castes (ranks) live in desolate circumstances. The lowest are casteless, called untouchables. In the eyes of the higher castes their value is less than dogs. Women and girls have few rights. At least one third of the population is illiterate ( mostly women ). They are imprisioned in the darkness of ignorance. The Indian people are desperate in need of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ ! “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” (Isaiah 9:2). The present BJP - Government party of president Narenda Modi has partially implemented the Anti Conversion Law in late 2019. They will try to block the spreading of the Gospel ! That really means : “A Threatening Darkness” That's why Missioninvest in cooperation with the “Foreign Mission Foundation” is working with urgency ! Because NOW we still can print and distribute this HLAU-book !

He lived among us

This book is a colorful illustrated booklet about Jesus with 128 pages. There are 109 illustrated pages with lively dialogue and most importantly supported by corresponding Scripture portions displaying the life episodes of the Lord Jesus. and 19 pages with the Beatitudes (Matthew 5-7), James, 1 Peter, 1 Corinthians ch.15 (the Resurrection chapter) Luke ch.15 (the Prodigal son). SEE : www.gospelcomics.com This easy to understand, little booklet has accomplished very great results ! “Captain Warmolt Houwing” started in 1989 to smuggle these books to Russia. He obtained permission and the blessing from the Author to remove the commenteries and replace them with the Scriptures. Now 58 million HLAU's have been distributed worldwide free of charge in 40 languages. AND 48 million out of these 58 million have been distributed all over India in 15 different local languages.


From 1994 onward Warmolt build a vast network of mission-organizations in India. One of these is the training ministry “Seva Bharat” ( “Seva Bharat” means “Serve India” ). They trained well over 350,000 man, women, boys and girls to proclaim and spread the Gospel in their regions with their own culture and speaking the local languages.. They are believers coming from all different languages, churches and congregations in India. They are leaders in the VBS, where every year 5 to 6 million children participate. Many are trained to be evangelists and busy with church planting. Others are teaching illiterates reading, writing and calculus. All these workers are enormously encouraged by using this HLAU-book ! The HLAU-books fulfills the command of Luke 14:23 “. . . and make them come in, so that my house will be full.” The church in India has been and is growing! Feedback from all corners of India estimates that 10% of the Indian population is now Christian.


Missioninvest will try to print and distribute in India another 2,000,000 HLAU-books. One book costs 33 cents. To accomplish this, we need $ 660,000 All donations are 100% used to print and distribute (No Overhead) the HALU-books! “Foreign Mission Foundation” gives the printorders to the Christian printer in India and organizes the transport to the partner network in India. The receivers confirm proper receipt of the books and regulary send reports about the distribution and the results.

Help us to bring the light to India, so that people do not have to walk in darkness any longer!


The Indian face of 16-year old Esther radiates joy. Raised in an orthodox Hindu family in her village of the State Andhra Pradesh. She is a 9th class student in her village school. An evangelist gave her the book He Lived Among Us. She began reading it with great interest and discovered that Jesus is the Son of God and died for her sins at the cross. With a deeply touched heart Esther confessed her sins and thanked the Lord Jesus that He also wanted to be her Lord and Savior. She tells: “I noticed that I had been changed. My joy was so great, that I changed my Hindu name in a Christian name: ‘Esther’.” She could not keep that joy about her new life only to herself. She started to tell others. She already has brought 35 children to the Lord Jesus.

Creating ripples of hope