Project story


Planting New Intercultural Churches and Networks in Europe

Europe is a fast changing continent. On the one hand, traditional church attendance is under pressure, especially in Western Europe. On the other hand, the demography of the European population is getting increasingly diverse. In the Netherlands, over 25% of the population now has a different cultural background.Many of the new Europeans are Christians, or would like to become so. In the Netherlands alone, over 1,000 Iranians and Afghans have been baptized in the past 5 years.It is the mission of Intercultural Church Plants Europe to (help) plant new Christian, intercultural communities throughout Europe. This already is happening a lot in the Netherlands, England, and Italy. ICP Europe is assisting new churches and church-planters in starting new communities by providing expertise, a network, training, support, mentorship, conferences, and a digital platform.


“Nowhere I saw the love of Christ coming that close; I feel at home in this new and warm community - Iranian refugee"

It is our vision to witness 1,000 new intercultural Christian communities by 2035. Theo Visser, the leader of the organization, has over 25 years of experience in planting new intercultural churches. For instance, he started ICF in Rotterdam and he also founded ICP the Netherlands, which by now has 30 member churches.

New phase

Now is the time to widely expand the European network. All over Europe, there is a great need for small, loving communities; places where people truly meet each other, read the Bible together, and discover who Jesus is. ICP Europe is not aiming at size, but rather at the small, the personal, the local. That is where we want to be present – the gospel in action. Not just in the Netherlands, England, and Italy, but also in Belgium, Spain, and Scandinavia. ICP Europe has developed a great concept to assist new church-planters.

The project

In 2021, we want to raise 100,000 euro’s through MissionInvest, to invest in the new digital platform, in the training programs, and in the Advance Conference for 100 new European church-planters, to be held in September 2021 in Brabant (the Netherlands).

Creating ripples of hope