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Mission Hospital in Malawi: combatting maternal and child mortality rates


The county of Embangweni lies in the rural north of Malawi, approx. 50 miles south of Mzuzu. In Malawi, the birth mortality rate for mothers is 100 times higher compared to Western Europe. Every 1 in 150 births result in the death of the mother.

Child mortality rates are also enormous. In Malawi, about 1 in 20 children dies during or just after birth (compared to 1 in 250 in Western Europe). In rural places such as Embangweni, these mortality rates for mother and child are even worse.


The MMWT foundation has decided, in close cooperation with the Hospital Management team, to focus on the reduction of mother and child mortality rates around birth.

This project focuses on capacity building (education and competency improvement) as well as improving facilities (surgery wards and medical equipment):

  • Training the medical staff in pregnancy counseling
  • Training on topics related to pregnancy check-ups (hypertension control and ultrasound)
  • Education related to common hygiene practice
  • Building/renovation of the Surgery wards
  • Purchase of an ambulance


In the short term, the goal is to renovate the surgery wards, to acquire medical equipment and beds and a (badly needed) ambulance. Secondly the personal will be trained on the job to operate with the medical equipment and to enable them to make proper diagnosis.

In the long term, the goal is to structurally improve the overall hygiene of the hospital, to provide proper healthcare to the patients and to support the local medical staff. In this way, the point should be reached that birth mortality rates for both mother and child will be significantly reduced.

Your donation can make a huge difference in this world from the rural area perspective. Dr. Kondwangi Zghambo, Medical director Embangweni Hospital


We are looking for financial donors who feel motivated to help improve the poignant situations around births in Malawi. MissionInvest offers you the opportunity to participate. Realizing this project requires a significant investment. The purpose is that the MMWT foundation with its donors will take care of realizing the funding of this project. After completion of the training program, the hospital should be equipped to operate on a significantly higher level. The costs to realize this project are $218,750, and funds to the amount of $91,000 have already been raised. MissionInvest supports this initiative to help complete the funding of the remaining $127,750 via its network.

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