Project story

Select people with potential and turn them into entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial and managerial skills. That is what it is all about at the YEP program. An effective two-year training program in Ethiopia, combining theory and practice. Many development programs have a strong focus on the poorest. YEP employs a different approach. Search for the high potentials and teach them how to develop their business. The result is a flourishing business, economic growth, increase of employment rate and a higher standard of living.

Uninque program

YEP introduced this program in 2017. A business training that focuses on all facets of entrepreneurship. A program very similar to MBA. Training is given in the following modules:

  • Entrepreneurial Skills & HRM
  • Business Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Business Ethics
  • ICT
  • English
  • Finance

YEP trainees follow every quarter year, one week of class room trainings. During the program they work on writing a business plan and a personal development plan. A personal coach is available to assist the trainees. In Community of Practice they reflect and review together with their peer trainees on their progress. Also, they give each other advice and share their best practices.

The YEP program is a broad entrepreneurial and managerial training program. (Future) managers of production, trade, service sector, government sector and health care sector work in this program on their management and leadership skills. At the end of the training, they receive the YEP certificate.

Made possible by professional Dutch entrepreneurs and businesspeople

Courses are provided by Dutch professionals active in the business community. They convey their theoretical knowledge and provide a practical translation using their experience in conducting (international) business. Trainees are encouraged to use their acquired knowledge and apply it in the company where they work. Participants stay in continuous contact with the teachers via an electronic learning environment .

Strategic future for Ethiopia

This unique program attracts a lot of interest and appreciation. ‘This is exactly what Ethiopia needs’ is an frequently heard response. The program touches people. Employers are enthusiastic about it and so are the trainees. Someone responded: ‘thanks for this once in a lifetime opportunity’. ‘Keep up planting for sure you will see the fruit’, said another.

Thanks to the YEP program, I got promoted to General Manager. Participant

Participants and costs

In 2018, 30 trainees participated in the program. In 2020 this will grow to 54 participants and from 2020 onwards 72 trainees will participate! In the period 2014-2018 € 100,000 has already been invested in the program. A further investment of € 100,000 is needed for the years 2019 and 2020. With the increasing number of students who also have make a substantial financial contribution themselves, the program will be completely self-sustainable as of 2021!


This program is one of a kind in Ethiopia. It has already attracted the attention of the Ethiopian government and the Dutch embassy. In June 2019 the first graduation ceremony will therefore take place at the Dutch embassy! The program has a strong focus on quality rather than quantity. Nonetheless, the impact is substantial. As of 2020 more than 50 companies will be active in the program of which YEP trains the managers and entrepreneurs; who themselves often manage a dozen employees. The impact of YEP is mostly on the development of entrepreneurship, business growth, economic growth, jobs and ultimately a better standard of living for families working in the various companies.

Creating ripples of hope