Investment Advisory Committee

Assessment of investment projects according to 13 criteria, this ensures the accountability of MissionInvest towards its network of investors

Marnix ten Voorde Entrepreneur
Maarten van Middelkoop Portfolio Manager
Maarten Hasselman Investment Officer

Part of a network

The strength of MissionInvest is in connecting two players sharing the same mission; investing together in the same mission! We connect people looking for a meaningful project, with projects in need of funding. Rather than reinventing the wheel ourselves, we can create greater impact by strategic partnerships and joining forces. MissionInvest made the conscious decision not to invest in an executing organisation of its own, but operate from a network structure together with partners who have an excellent track record. In doing so, we can quickly react to change in market relations, we can operate according to the agile principles, and we can guarantee you, our customer, the best services.


Advisory Board

Think-tank focusing on strategy development, market positioning and financial management of MissionInvest

Marijn Schouten Market Strategist
Jan Snoei Accountant
Jan Willem de Lange International Advisor